meet the makerbun

Hello! The name is Eugene, and I am the Makerbun. Self proclaimed Mechanical Engineer, Nerd, and Maker. Sometime around mid 2017 I got a crazy idea of a self sufficient hobby. Most of us have hobbies that cost us a lot of money. But I thought… what if… I had a hobby that would financially support itself? I’ve been a tinkerer for years, and there were some tools on my radar that I really couldn’t justify. One day, I decided to sell my Jeep (another hobby to dump money into). With that cash I purchased a drill press, a bandsaw, and a CNC machine. That was truly the beginning of my adventure as… the Makerbun.

I hope you subscribe and enjoy my story, and maybe someday even buy some junk. Thank you for stopping by, and, if nothing else, have a nice day.